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Germans Trias surgeons devise Rutilight® to improve illumination during operations.

The spin-off company Swan Medical SL, of which the IGTP is a shareholder, is responsible for production and distribution of the product, baptised Rutilight®, that can be adapted to all current surgical instruments to provide a spotlight on the operating area. The new device eliminates shadows in the operating area and illuminates places that are difficult to access. The tool has been invented by surgeons for surgeons

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MacroH2A1.1 regulates mitochondrial respiration by limiting nuclear NAD+ consumption

A new paper published by researchers from the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute (IJC) and the Programme of Predictive and Personalized Medicine of Cancer, Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute (PMPPC-IGTP) reveals a new role for macroH2A1.1. The project was spear-headed by Melanija Posavec Marjanovic and Sarah Hurtado-Bagès, two PhD students enrolled in the Pompeu Fabra University PhD program

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A new way to diagnose hereditary cancers is already benefitting patients in the Catalan Health Service thanks to ground-breaking research by the Joint Program on Hereditary Cancer ICO-IDIBELL-IGTP

Researchers of the Joint Program on Hereditary Cancer ICO-IDIBELL-IGTP have designed and tested a new strategy based on next generation sequencing (NGS) for the genetic diagnostics of hereditary cancer. They tested it against other current commercially available NGS methods and the new method gave  better results. Previously patients were only tested for one or a small number of genes but now each patient can be tested for a wide range of genes in one single step and the results analysed using complex computing tools resulting in a much more efficient diagnostic process.  700 patients in the Catalan Health System have already benefitted from the new diagnostic approach

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Carolina Armengol new leader of the CIBEREHD Group at the IGTP

Dr Carolina Armengol has been named as the new leader of the CIBEREHD Group (CB06/04/0033) at the IGTP.  She will take over from Dr Ramon Planas who has led the group during many years.   Dr Armengol has been working for 18 years on translational research in the field of hepatology, and especially on hepatic cancer.