Manremyc opens a funding round of 250,000 euros through the Capital Cell platform

- Innovation, Institutional, Research

Manremyc, a spin-off of the IGTP specialised in the development of a probiotic against tuberculosis, has opened a funding round through Capital Cell, the first on-line investment platform in Europe specialized in biomedicine. The objective of the campaign is to reach 250,000 euros, with a minimum investment requirement per person of only 600 euros. Up to now, the company has secured 35% of the investment, which includes participation from the Reig family, main shareholders in the pharmaceutical company Reig Jofre.

The company was founded in 2013 in the IGTP to develop and commercialize the inactivated bacillus M. manresensis as a protection against tuberculosis. The technology prevents contagion with tuberculosis using a natural product that is administered orally and is extremely stable, making it ideal for regions with a high level of tuberculosis infection and few resources. Because of these characteristics, it received B-Corp certification in 2016.

Tuberculosis continues to be the principal cause of death by disease in the world, above malaria and AIDs: in 2018, tuberculosis caused 1.5 million deaths, mostly in developing countries. According to the WHO, it continues to be an "important challenge" in public health in European countries. Thanks to its stability, the Manremyc product is effective in combatting tuberculosis all over the world.

The product is the fruit of over 20 years of research to find an effective, cheap and simple solution that can be used worldwide, including in the countries with least protection. It has been patented in ten countries and is in the process in ten more, industrial production has also been optimized and distribution agreements are in place for 65 countries.