The IGTP Biobank renews its European certification from the Biorepository Proficiency Testing Program

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This is the third round of evaluations the IGTP-HGTP Biobank has undertaken to ensure and certify the quality of its services.  The Biorepository Proficiency Testing Program is a voluntary external evaluation programme, with members from several countries. Once again, the IGTP-HTP Biobank has been awarded the certificate, opting to apply every two years.

Specifically, the RNA and DNA Quantification and Purity Analysis and the RNA and DNA Integrity Services have been certified. The ISBER (International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories) certification compares the services with those of other centres around the world. It also helps to improve services offered as it monitors and improves the processes by making proposals for development and detecting possible weaknesses. Above all, the seal is a guarantee of quality for all the clients and collaborators, as well as for the funding bodies and quality evaluation agencies.

The IGTP-HGT includes different collections of biological samples and works with the legal and ethical framework of the hospital system. The main aim of the biobank service is to promote biomedical research through obtaining and storing samples of tissue, fluids and their associated data. The Germans Trias Biobank has been authorized by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Catalonia since 2013 and registered in the Spanish National Biobank Registry of the Instituto de Salud Carlos III. It is also a member of several Biobank cooperation networks.