The IGTP participates in the debates of the 11th Research Workshop of the ICS: childhood obesity and rare diseases

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Experts in paediatric research agree on the need to anticipate and act on obesity from childhood. The importance of early interventions to prevent obesity and excess weight and research into rare diseases have been the main topics of the 11th Research Workshop of the Catalan Institute of Health (ICS), which took place at the Seminari de Tarragona (Centre Tarraconense).

The speakers have highlighted the need to establish effective strategies to avoid obesity from the first stages of life and therefore avoid the health problems associated with it. Carlos Rodrigo, Director of Clinical Paediatrics  at the Germans Trias I Pujol University Hospital has sent a clear message, "We need prevention as early as possible. When children are 7 or 8 it is already too late."  From the viewpoint of more basic researchers, David Sánchez-Infantes has shared his line of research into brown adipose tissue and new markers for insulin resistance in childhood diabetes during the round table session.

The second part of the workshop has focussed on lines of research into rare diseases. Research at the IGTP was also represented in the poster session, where researchers from the Neurogenetics Group and the Neuromuscular and Neuropaediatric Research Group presented their work.

Research prize for Germans Trias

As is the custom, the workshop concluded with the presentation of institutional research prizes. Once again, the Germans Trias community was recognized, with Nátalia Pérez de la Ossa, a clinician in the Neurology Department within the Vascular Pathology Service at the Germans Trias University Hospital of Badalona, receiving the award for Young Researcher. She coordinates the Ictus Unit at the centre and the Working Group on Cerebral Vascular Diseases of the ICS.  She is also a member of the Research Network on Cebrovascular Diseases of the Instituto Carlos III. Last year Beatriz Mothe received the same award.

From her main lines of research the treatment of acute phase ictus, multimodal and neurosonology neuroimaging diagnostic techniques and organization of care before hospitalization to improve the quality of healthcare and reduce the time to treatment for ictus stand out as exceptional.