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Ricard Mesía Nin
Anna Martínez Cardús

The Group Badalona Applied Research group in Oncology (B·ARGO) is a new transversal organization of the translational and clinical research that has been carried out for many years at the IGTP, the Germans Trias University Hospital (HUGTiP) and the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO) Badalona at the HUGTiP. The group consists of senior researchers, junior researchers and fellows from the IGTP and personnel of the Medical Oncology Department of the ICO who are affiliated to the IGTP.

The multidisciplinary group is made up of over 30 professionals working on the different aspects of research.

The mission of the B·ARGO is to be a translational research group of excellence that contributes to the application of personlized oncology.

The vision of the B·ARGO is to maintain an integrated cancer research and healthcare system that optimizes the management of cancer patients and improves the length and quality of their lives.

Líneas de investigación

The general aims of the B·ARGO are:

  • To fill the existing gap between clinical and basic research
  • To identify new strategies, emerging from basic research and apply them in clinical practice
  • To typify new biomarkers for cancer diagnosis and prognosis
  • To identify new predictive biomarkers of response to current anti-neoplasic therapies
  • To determine biomarkers for tumor resistance acquisition during exposure to treatment

To carry out these aims B·ARGO research is organized three areas:

Anna Martínez Cardús(ELIMINAR), PhD Transversal Scientific Coordinator

Thoracic tumors, Sarcoma, Central Nervous System and Radiotherapy

Members of the team

Thoracic tumors
Enric Carcereny, MD(ELIMINAR)
Teresa Moran, MD(ELIMINAR)
Anna Estival, MD PhD 

Central Nervous System
Carme Balañá, MD PhD(ELIMINAR)

Anna Estival, MD PhD(ELIMINAR)

Salvador Villà, MD(ELIMINAR)
Silvia Comas, MD

Research fellows
Marta Domenech, MD

Breast , Gynaecological, and Head and Neck Tumors

Breast tumors
Mireia Margelí, MD PhD(ELIMINAR)
Vanesa Quiroga, MD (ELIMINAR)
Beatriz Cirauqui, MD

Head and neck tumors
Ricard Mesía, MD PhD(ELIMINAR)
Beatriz Cirauqui, MD(ELIMINAR)

Gynaecological tumors
Margarita Romeo, MD PhD(ELIMINAR)

Research fellows
Eudald Felip, MD(ELIMINAR)
Iris Teruel, MD(ELIMINAR)

Digestive, Urological and  Skin tumors and Carcinoma of unknown primary

Urological tumors
Albert Font, MD Ph(ELIMINAR)D
Vicenç Ruiz de Porras, PhD(ELIMINAR)
Olatz Etxaniz, MD PhD(ELIMINAR)

Digestive tumors
Jose Luis Manzano, MD(ELIMINAR)
Laura Layos, MD(ELIMINAR)
Cristina Bugés, MD(ELIMINAR)
Cinta Hierro, MD(ELIMINAR)

Skin tumors
Jose Luis Manzano, MD(ELIMINAR)
Cristina Bugés, MD(ELIMINAR)

Carcinoma of unknown primary (CUP)
Olatz Etxaniz, MD PhD(ELIMINAR)

Research fellows and technicians
Juan Carlos Pardo, MD(ELIMINAR)
Tania Lobato (technician)(ELIMINAR)


Validación y desarrollo de un biomarcador efectivo a la respuesta terapéutica frente a antimetabolitos usados para el tratamiento de cáncer

Code: PI17/00624
Principlal Investigator: Ester Ballana and Mireia Margelí                                                                                           
Start Date: 01/01/2018
End Date: 31/12/2020

Caracterización molecular integral del glioblastoma correlación clinico-radiologica, genomica, transcriptómica e inmunohistoquimica

Code: PI18/01062
Principlal Investigator: Carme Balañá                                                                                         
Start Date: 01/01/2019
End Date: 31/12/2022

Cáncer de veixiga invasivo: hacia una medicina de precisión

Code: AECC
Principlal Investigator: Albert Font                                                                                       
Start Date: 01/01/2015
End Date: 31/12/2021


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Anna Martínez Cardús, PhD

(+34) 93 033 0540