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Did you know that when you have a blood test or an operation there is usually part of your sample left over that is destroyed, but if it was saved it would be extremely useful? What may seem trivial can be of tremendous importance to researchers looking for new ways to improve our health.

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Information about the Biobank

At the Germans Trias Hospital as well as caring for patients we carry out cutting-edge research.

Donations of biological materials (blood, little pieces of skin removed etc) are kept in our Biobank, the IGTP-HUGTP Biobank.  A biobank is place where samples of blood, tissue, DNA etc are kept in perfect conditions so they can be used by researchers.  If we are going to find new ways to diagnose diseases or find out how they will progress, or to create new treatments and cures these samples are absolutely essential. 

And we don't only need samples from patients, samples from healthy people are really important too

Our biobank is situated at la Carretera de Canyet s/n de Badalona, on Campus Can Ruti and near the hospital.  It is authorized by the Spanish Government and complies with all legal and safety regulations.  The Ethics Committee work to ensure that all due care is taken and it is part of the Spanish Network of Biobanks. 

If you make a donation, under Spanish law you can exercise your right to ask for access, changes to, cancellation or your opposition to any data held about you.  You can do this by writing to:

Edurne Pedrosa
The Director of the Biobank
IGTP Edifici Muntanya
Carretera de Can Ruti. Camí de les Escoles s/n
08916, Badalona. España

Tel (+34) 93 557 2831
Tel Reception (+34) 93 497 8655
Contact us on

See the Informed Consent you must sign (document in Spanish)

This document means that you agree to donate your sample to the Biobank for free and that you understand your rights, which have been explained to you by the person in the hospital taking the sample.