Heart Disease

Antoni Bayés Genís

The objective of the Heart Institute is to carry out research that will increase the development of new treatments for heart disease by better understanding its origins and progression. This way will improve the quality of life for heart patients.

The Heart Institute combines health care with research. The team includes cardiologists, surgeons, nurses, administrative staff and researchers from multidisciplinary backgrounds (eg. biology, veterinary science, biotechnology and pharmacy) all dedicated full time to the task.

The Heart Failure Research group and the Heart Regeneration Research Group (ICREC), based at the IGTP and led by Dr Antoni Bayés Genis is focussed on two principal areas: one purely clinical and one more translational. On the clinical side the group searches for biomarkers for diagnostics and prognostics for heart failure and develops technology related to Telemedicine. On the basic/translational side the group is interested in studying the potential for regeneration of different types of stem cells (derived from adipose cardiac tissue and blood or umbilical cord, amongst other sources) and in therapeutic approaches based on engineering tissues to safeguard and restore miocardium damaged during infarction.

The ICREC group is made up of researchers experienced in cell techniques and decellurization, repopulation and implantation of biological meshes. The ICREC group also counts on highly skilled personnel with experience of mouse and pig models of miocardial infarction.  

Research lines

Cardiac Regeneration

  • Stem cells
  • Tissue engineering and search for new therapies for cardiac regeneration
  • Miocariopathologies

Heart Failure

  • Biomarkers
  • Diagnostics, prognostics and treatments

Coronary Surgery Research Group

  • Analysis and validation of new stents
  • Structural Cardiopathology: Clinical and prognostic evaluation of aortic percutaneous valves
  • Nanoparticle therapies

Arhythmias and Electrophysiology

  • Study of AntiRho antibody in auriculo-ventricular blockage
  • Blockage of inter-auricular risk of tachyrhythmias
  • Auricular sphericalization and auricular fibrilation
  • New parametres in electrostimulating units

Acute Coronary Syndrome

  • To seek anatomical, clinical and biological predictors of adverse ventricular remodelation
  • To evaluate cost-effectiveness of triple treatment (AAS + IECA + statins) in patients with acute coronary syndrome
  • Contribution/Maintenance of heart disease registries (Codi Infart, SPARC, RETAKO, hypothermia)

Coronary Imaging

  • Sever asymptomatic aortic stenosis
  • Infectious endocarditis
  • Mitral insufficiency and mitral plasties
  • Tricuspid insufficiency and pulmonary hypertension
  • Marfan Syndrome
  • Congenital cardiopathologies of Adults
  • Nuclear and Infusion magnetic cardioresonance
  • Cardiotoxicity of chemotherapy


Projecte: Caracterització Multimodal del Substrat Arrítmic resultant de la Teràpia de Regeneració Cardíaca (AGTP) en un Model de Infart de Miocardi Crònic

Recipient: Raquel Adeliño Recasens
Code: 2020 FI_B 00637
Start date: 01/11/2020
End date(aproximate): 31/11/2023

European Social Funds – Investing in jobs and skills

Projecte: Mètode in vitro per predir el risc de mortalitat en pacients amb xoc cardiogènic

Recipient: Antoni Bayés-Genís
2019PROD001222020 FI_B 00637
Start date: 01/01/2020
End date: 31/12/2021
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Projecte: Mutaciones somáticas y hematopoyesis clonal como factores de riesgo en aterosclerosis: del laboratorio a la clínica (AtheroClonal)

Recipient: Antoni Bayés-Genís
Code: PLEC2021-008194
Start date: 15/12/2021
End date: 14/12/2024


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Women’s Day: giving our women scientists a voice

To commemorate International Women's Day, we asked four questions to different profiles of IGTP researchers to find out about the difficulties they have encountered as women scientists and how they see the future: Dr Carolina Armengol, leader of the consolidated Childhood Liver Oncology Research Group (c-LOG), Dr Raquel Guillamat, junior leader of the emerging group Translational Research in Pulmonary Immunity, and PhD student Daina Martínez from the ICREC laboratory of Cardiology Research.

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