High school students visit the Can Ruti Campus in a new edition of the Science Week in Badalona

- Campus Can Ruti, Institutional, Outreach

Around 200 students from secondary schools in Badalona have visited different centres on the Can Ruti Campus this morning, taking part in one of the main events of the 28th edition of Science Week in Badalona. The Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute (IGTP) has organised the event together with the Germans Trias Hospital.

Science Week, which is holding events until Sunday, is promoted by the Fundació Catalana per a la Recerca i la Innovació (FCRI) and is also part of the activities linked to the celebration of the Joan Oró Year. The programmed activities, aimed at schoolchildren, children, young people and families, have been organised by IGTP, the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute (IJC), the Centres de Recursos Pedagògics (CRP) of the Catalan Government, the Escola del Mar, the Escola de Natura, the Municipal Library Network, the Museum of Badalona and the Education Service of Badalona City Council.

Today's activity, for baccalaureate and vocational training students, began in the Hospital's auditorium, with a presentation by the scientific director of IGTP, Julia García Prado, on the research that is done on the campus. Afterwards, the students had a taste of future projects in medicine, with presentations by young researchers from IGTP: Eva Coll Liesa, from the Group of Research in Neuromuscular Diseases from Badalona, spoke about "Sequencing, before and now"; Xavier Farré Ramon, from the GCAT|Genomes for Life project, on "Uncoding the code: Bioinformatics in genetics research"; Anna Rueda, from the Endocrine Tumours Research Group, explained "Beyond the gene: Epigenetics in thyroid cancer", and Álvaro del Rio Alvarez, from the Childhood Liver Oncology Research Group (C-LOG) gave a talk to the students on "Researching liver cancer in children, a one in a million disease".

The students then divided into groups to visit some of the care and research areas in situ. Some of them visited a laboratory and the Hospital's emergency room, and others went to the Blood and Tissue Bank, the Centre for Epidemiological Studies on HIV/AIDS and STI of Catalonia (CEEISCAT) -where they attended a workshop on the epidemiology of sexually transmitted infections-, the Institut Català d'Oncologia (ICO), IGTP -where they took part in a bioinformatics workshop and visited various laboratories and services, accompanied by researchers from the centre's research groups-, the Comparative Medicine and Bioimage Centre of Catalonia (CMCiB), the IrsiCaixa AIDS Research Institute, the Guttmann Institute, the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and the Fundació Lluita Contra les Infeccions.