The Research in Nursing Care Group (NURECARE) was formally set up in early 2021 to provide support and increase the effectiveness of nursing care research across the services of the Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital.

NURECARE works on projects from the planning phase to the science dissemination and popularization phases. The group’s objective is to promote excellence in nursing research and to increase the quantity and quality of formal studies conducted within the hospital in this field.

The group provides support at all levels, from ensuring proper planning, methodology selection, authorizations, and grants through to pilot studies, the adaption of forms, the creation of data bases, and ultimately, the production of reports or publication of studies. These studies include those initiated by the hospital and external promotors, with the majority being linked to doctoral theses, or masters' dissertations.

Group members

Cristina Casanovas Cuellar(ELIMINAR) – Group leader
Ariadna Huertas Zurriaga(ELIMINAR) – Group leader

Sandra Cabrera Jaime(ELIMINAR)
Mònica Castellà Creus(ELIMINAR)
Isabel Navarri Ramos(ELIMINAR)
Lucia Muñoz Narbona(ELIMINAR)
Mª José García Quesada(ELIMINAR)
Laia Castellà Fàbregas(ELIMINAR)
Patricia Barroso Castaño(ELIMINAR)
Eva Janeiro Ochoa(ELIMINAR)
Edgar Cervantes Llorens(ELIMINAR)
Laura Marín Sánchez(ELIMINAR)
Mª Pilar Muñoz Rey(ELIMINAR)
Laura Cabrera Jaime(ELIMINAR)
Raúl Lopez Salas(ELIMINAR)
Tamara García Toro(ELIMINAR)
Mª Carmen Blasco Garcia(ELIMINAR)
María Eugenia Zapatero Rodríguez(ELIMINAR)
Emma De Llera Ferrer(ELIMINAR)
Mª Àngels Barberà Pla(ELIMINAR)
Marina Perpiñán Grogues(ELIMINAR)
Natalia Calderón Ruiz(ELIMINAR)
Anna Moreno Orea(ELIMINAR)
Jordi Puig Pla(ELIMINAR)
Dina Reina Sarrió(ELIMINAR)
Eva Porcuna Nicolás(ELIMINAR)

Nursing Research Care Group (NUREcare-IGTP)

Research lines

Innovation and evidence-based care

High complexity care for people in acute, chronic and maternal-child situations

Care management and models: care based on quality, safety and efficiency

Active projects


PI: Lucia Muñoz Narbona
Funding agency: Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII)
Agency code: RD21/0006/0024
Start date: 2021

Eficacia del uso de diarios en unidades de cuidados intensivos

PI: Mª Pilar Muñoz Rey
Funding agency: Fundació Infermeria i Societat
Agency code: PR-284/2018
Start date: 2019
End date: 2023

Escala nano: Adaptación transcultural y validación al contexto español en pacientes diagnosticados de neoplasia cerebral. Evaluación de una intervención para su uso

PI: Natalia Calderón
Funding agency: Institut Català d’Oncologia (ICO), Beca Talents-Infermeria 2022
Start date: 2022

4D in the Digitalisation of Learning in Practice Placement

PI: Daniel Moreno Martínez (INEDIT group), Cristina Casanovas
Funding agency: European Commission’s Erasmus+ funding programme
Agency code: 2021-1-ES01-KA220-HED-000027496
Start date: 28/02/2022
End date: 27/02/2025

internsHips in futurE hospitALs under the ERASMUS+ programme

PI: Daniel Moreno Martínez (INEDIT group), Cristina Casanovas, Raúl López
Funding agency: European Commission's Erasmus+ funding programme
Agency code: KA220-HED-2021-011
Start date: 21/02/2022
End date: 20/02/2025

Experiencia de las personas con enfermedad inflamatoria intestinal en relación con la práctica del coito anal

PI: Laura Marín Sánchez
Funding agency: Beca de investigación GETEII-Galápagos 2021
Start date: 2022
End date: 2023

Scientific publications

Ariadna Huertas Zurriaga's publications

Lucia Muñoz Narbona's publications

Sandra Cabrera Jaime's publications

Jordi Puig Pla's publications


Cristina Casanovas Cuellar