• Production of crioblocks, criosections of tissues and cell preparations
  • Simple or multiple staining and production of immunocytochemistry.  It is also possible to carry out morphometric analysis of images (cell counting, area calculation etc.)

Microscopio Axioskop 2 (Zeiss) with colour digital camera for high resolution images.

  • Multiple fluorescent marking of tissue, cell and biological sample sections in multiposition, panoramic, Z axis multipositin and time-lapse

Zeiss, modelo AxiObserver Z1 microscope.   The motorized instrument allows for multi-position, time-lapse and panoramic views of objects mounted on slides or in petri dishes or flasks.  The Apotome module for optical sections avoids light dispersion even in thicker samples giving higher quality images.

  • Images of staining with fluorescence of live cell cultures with incubation camera with controlled CO2 and temperature

The AxiObserver Z1 (Zeiss) has an external culture camera with controlled CO2 temperature.  This allows incubation of up to 7 days without modifying culture conditions.  In this case images can be obtained using the Apotome module for better quality.

  • Confocal images in multiposition, panoramic of Z axis multi-position or time lapse

Zeiss AxiObserver Z1 microscopy coupled to a confocal LSM 710.   There are seven laser beams available to allow for multiple marking in images.

  • Tridimensional Analysis: Z-axis quantification, Z confocal series tridimensional reconstructions etc.

Complementary Services

Consultation on design, analysis and interpretation of results.