Cell Sorting          

The cell sorter FACSAriaII allows cells to be separated in function of parameters previously defined by the operator. To purify different cell populations, the flow cytometer is specially designed for applications that require a very pure collection. The simultaneous use of multiple fluorochromes allows subpopulations to be classified and separated in function of different biological properties.             

The preparation of the cell separation experiment requires a series of steps to be carried out previously and this must be agreed with the staff facility.           

Acquisition and analysis with flow cytometer analysers        

BD FACSCanto II, BD FACSLyric and BD LSR Fortessa are the flow cytometers that the user can use to carry out cell experiments. These equipment can be used directly by the user if he or she can prove experience in handling flow cytometers or has had previous training from the Cytometry staff. Additionally, the cell separator FACSAria II can be used as an analyzer.  

Off-line analysis with FACSDiva and FlowJo software with offline compensation with off-line scales "Logicle" or biexponential; CellQuestPro, and ModFit.            


Design of personalized courses.  Annually several courses are carried out in the IGTP on the fundamentals and applications of flow cytometry.           


The Flow Cytometry Facility offers a consulting service for users on experiments associated with flow cytometry.