Keywords: Oncology, translational research, drug response, preclinical models, ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer.

Oncology Translational Research IGTP

Research lines

  • Understanding treatment response in ovarian cancer with new omics techniques
  • Organoid-based treatment screening to optimize colorectal cancer management


IGTP brings science closer to primary school students in Badalona

Researchers from IGTP have taken part in the 2nd Street Science Fair of ESO with a STEAM focus, Together with students from eight secondary schools and other research centres and companies, they have showed scientific concepts to fifth-grade students in Badalona through various workshops.

Thirteen researchers from IGTP bring science closer to students in the 6th edition of #100tífiques

On 7 February, "#100tífiques" returned for its sixth edition, a macro-event that has become a benchmark for advocacy within the Catalan female research community and schools. Expanding on last year's participant numbers, thirteen scientists from IGTP took part in this event.

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