COVICAT Epidemiological Study

Type of project

Prospective epidemiological study

Brief summary and objectives

The COVICAT aims to evaluate the evolution of incidences of infection by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in the Catalan population during 12 months through a prospective epidemiological study of populational cohorts established before the pandemic. The study is being carried out with 24,000 people who volunteered and who are already members of different populational cohorts in a collaboration between the GCAT Genomes for Life Project of the IGTP and two research groups from ISGlobal and the Hospital Clínic, Barcelona

Project leader

Manolis Kogevinas, ISGLobal

Project members

Rafa de Cid, GCAT, IGTP
Carla Dobaño, ISGlobal
Research Groups from Hospital Clínic, Barcelona

Associated news

The impact of COVID-19 will be explored through an epidemiological study on 24,000 Catalan volunteers