The Caixaimpulse Programme selects a project from the Translational Endoscopy Group

- Innovation

An IGTP project is amongst the twenty selected this year for support by the Caixaimpulse Programme of the "la Caixa" Foundation and CaixaCapital Risc.   The project led by Dr Dr Lorenzo-Zúñiga and Dr Ramon Bartolí of the Translational Endoscopy Group, aims to enter into production of CoverGel, a topical hydrogel for use in therapeutic endoscopic operations to avoid heat damage to the intestinal mucosa.

The Caixaimpulse programme selects biomedical research projects to help transfer the product to the market.  CoverGel is a patented medical device with the potential for use during colorectal cancer treatments to avoid complications associated with resection in therapeutic colonoscopies.   Its healing properties have been demonstrated in preclinical models and CoverGel is biocompatible, biodegradable and bioactive; it can be applied directly to the muscosa using the endoscope or by a submucosal injection

Up to 16.5 million therapeutic colonoscopies are performed annually around the world. In colorectal cancer the use of resection techniques allows for polyp removal, reducing the need for surgical operations. Nonetheless, electrocauterization is still needed to perform resection techniques, which increases the rate of bleeding or perforations. This highlights the urgent need to find new methods that can reduce such complications.

The projects chosen by Caixaimpulse receive financing and the support of experienced mentors from industry to provide advice on product valuation and marketing strategies.  This is the second grant won by the CoverGel project this year for innovation and technology transfer, it has also been selected to participate the prestigious mentoring LinQ Programme at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) through the Spanish Foundation for Innovation and Future Health (FIPSE).