Researcher Sofía España receives a €140,000 grant from the Spanish Association Against Cancer

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Dr Sofía España, a researcher from the Cancer Mechanisms and Pathways Group at IGTP and the Badalona Applied Research Group in Oncology (B·ARGO) at IGTP-Institut Català d'Oncologia (ICO), has been awarded one of the prestigious Clínico Junior Grants by the Spanish Association Against Cancer. This grant will allow her to combine her clinical work with research, focusing on the development of a minimally invasive diagnostic tool to classify different types of colorectal cancer, advancing towards precision medicine.

The Spanish Association Against Cancer in Burgos held an event in the province yesterday to present the 2023 Research Grants supported by the province. In total, nearly €29.4 million have been awarded across 233 grants, with Dr España's project receiving €140,000 from Burgos, aiming to increase the average cancer survival rate to 70% by 2030 and bring research findings to the patient.

Dr España, a medical oncologist at ICO and researcher at IGTP, highlighted the importance of this support to continue her research without detaching from her clinical activity: "The Spanish Association Against Cancer grant is essential for allowing doctors to balance their clinical work with research, addressing needs arising in consultations and bringing research results closer to the patient."

The Spanish Association Against Cancer is the leading social and private entity in Spain supporting cancer research, with over €114 million allocated to 603 projects involving more than 1,500 researchers. The Clínico Junior Spanish Association Against Cancer Grants are designed to engage clinicians in cancer research, allowing them to address questions arising from their daily patient interactions in the laboratory.

This recognition underscores IGTP's commitment to cutting-edge research and its aim to promote clinical research that enhances the application of scientific advances in medical practice.