IGTP's latest platform: the Biostatistics Unit

- Campus Can Ruti, Institutional

The Biostatistics Unit is made up by a team of statisticians and mathematicians who conduct and support biomedical research primarily at the Can Ruti Campus, and also in collaboration with other public or private organizations. The Unit has recently been introduced to the technologies and services provided by the Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute (IGTP).

The mission of the unit is to promote excellence in the use of statistical methodology within the field of biomedical research.

The objectives of this unit are:

  • To advise and collaborate with research teams throughout the research process: statistical design and analysis, as well as support the publication of results.
  • To conduct research in statistics and applied methodology to enhance and promote biomedical research.
  • To provide training in statistical methodology within the field of biomedical research.

The head of the platform, Cristian Tebé Cordomí, states that "having a biostatistics platform in a research institute is important to ensure proper data analysis, robust experimental design, evidence-based decision making, result validation, and effective scientific dissemination. It improves the quality and reliability of research and contributes to the advancement of scientific knowledge".