IGTP is appointed as ‘EATRIS Expert Centre’

- Campus Can Ruti, Innovation, Institutional

EATRIS, the European infrastructure for translational medicine, has appointed 7 Expert Centres, to provide high value added services historically offered by EATRIS Coordination and Support. Those expert services that are complementary to the existing laboratory research services offered by EATRIS institutions cover crucial areas such as innovation management, regulatory strategy, translational feasibility, and early health technology assessment. With 7 newly appointed Expert Centres, EATRIS will continue serving Europe's translational research efforts and growing demand for expert services.

The nomination of the 7 expert centres followed the adoption of the General Framework for the Decentralised Implementation of Expert Services by the EATRIS Board of Governors on 10 May 2022. All 7 institutions were selected based on their track records and expertise supporting innovation of Translational Research projects. They all signed the EATRIS Decentralised Expert Services Agreement (DESA), providing the framework for services offering on behalf of EATRIS-ERIC.

The institutions that were appointed as 'EATRIS Expert Centres' were: