The IGTP-HUGTP Biobank has renewed its ISO quality certificate for the CIBERES collection of pulmonary samples

The CIBERES collection, within the Pulmonary Biobank Platform, has been housed in the IGTP-HUGTP Biobank since 2012. The Pulmonary Biobank Platform finances the audit necessary for the certification, which is required for all their collections. The certificate covers the collection, processing and storage and distribution of biological samples in respiratory medicine.

"This is very good news," says Dr Edurne Pedrosa, Director of the biobank. "We are delighted to be able to house the CIBERES collection, as one of the many collections we keep to the same high standards in the biobank, this recognition is important for us."

The IGTP-HUGTP Biobank forms part of the Catalan Network of Tumour Banks and the Spanish Biobank Network and it contributes to national and international studies requiring biological samples. It can provide samples of different diseases and the associated technical services.