The IGTP is awarded 4 projects on covid-19 financed by the La Marató de TV3

- Research

The IGTP has been awarded 4 projects in the 2020 edition of the La Marató de TV3 dedicated to the study of SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes. IGTP researchers are leading 3 projects and taking part in 2 more that are coordinated by other institutions on the Can Ruti Campus. All the projects are multi-disciplinary and collaborations between groups in different fields on the campus, underlining how research into complex diseases is more and more undertaken by collaborative networks. A total of 36 projects have been funded and will be financed by the over 12 million euros collected in the last marathon.

One of the IGTP projects is a study of the genomic regions relevant to covid infections by the GCAT Programme, led by Dr Rafael de Cid. The project will identify genetic markers to help predict the risk of severe disease, complications and long covid in individuals. The project is being carried out in conjunction with the Broad Institute in Boston and the Health Research Institute of the Balearic Islands.

The group led by Dr Carlos Rodrigo, IGTP Researcher and Director of the Paediatrics Clinic at the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital, has been studying the effects of covid-19 on children throughout the pandemic. The new project will allow the group to include the study of genetic, epigenetic and immunopathogenetic aspects of multisystem inflammation associated with covid-19 in children. This project is in conjunction with researchers from the IDIPAZ, the IJC and the IDIBELL.

The project led by Dr Josep Maria Llibre an infectious diseases medical doctor at the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital and the Fight AIDS Foundation and which includes Dr Juliana Reyes-Ureña, epidemiology doctor, will study epidemiological aspects of the effects of covid-19 on people living with covid-19.

The Microbiology Service of the Clinical Laboratory for the Northern Metropolitan Region at the hospital is also taking part in a project led by Marc Noguera, researcher at IrsiCaixa. This project is developing tools to track covid variants in real time.

In total 7 projects for a total of nearly 2.5 million euros of the 12 million collected by this edition of the TV3 Marathon have been awarded to covid-19 research on the Can Ruti Campus.