Help the IGTP research into coronavirus

- Amics de Can Ruti, Campus Can Ruti, Research

The healthcare professionals and staff of the hospitals are doing an exceptional job in this moment of health emergency, the like of which we have never seen before. We know this very well, as we work very closely with our doctors and nursing staff daily in our research. Like us, they know that only through research can we find the solution to the virus and its consequences whether they are vaccines, fast and reliable diagnostic tests preventive treatments or ways to stop infection.

Several research groups at the IGTP are applying their experience and knowledge to fight against coronavirus and COVID-19. None of this would be possible alone, research is a long term activity which needs multiple players collaborating and we need your help.

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We are also working to help the hospitals here and now. The hospitals are increasing their intensive care units to deal with the large numbers of patients being admitted. All these new provisional units need to be equipped and there is a lack of ventilators. From the institute and the facilities at the Centre for Comparative Medicine and Bioimage (CMCiB), we are completing the testing of the prototypes. The first is a project called OxyGEN, which we have worked in with the Hospital Clínic, Barcelona and is being produced by SEAT, but four more projects are also underway.

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