Mecanismes Epigenètics del Càncer i Diferenciació Cel·lular

Miguel Angel Peinado

The main focus of our research is the characterization of the molecular mechanisms underlying cancer cell programs and the identification of molecular markers with clinical applications.

The main focus of our research is the characterization of the epigenetic changes, which take place normally during muscle lineage-commitment, cell activation and terminal differentiation, which can be altered in muscle pathologies such as muscular dystrophies and rhabdomyosarcomas.

Group Members

Miguel Angel Peinado, mpeinado(ELIMINAR), Group Leader
Érica Hurtado, ehurtado(ELIMINAR), Post-doctoral Investigator
Berta Martín,, Technician
Júlia Matas, jmatas(ELIMINAR), Pre-doctoral Investigator
Mar Muñoz, mmunoz(ELIMINAR), Technician
Núria Seguí, nsegui(ELIMINAR), Post-doctoral Investigator

Líneas de investigación

Principal Investigator: Miguel Angel Peinado

  • Chromatin architecture in cell differentiation and cancer. Cell's properties are determined by programs regulating gene expression. We are investigating the chromatin structure and organization of normal and cancer cells and the mechanisms determining long range interactions and genome compartmentalization.
  • The role of repeat elements in genome structure and function. About half of the human genome is composed by repeat sequences. Their function is largely unknown and most genome-scale studies disregard their analysis due to technical limitations. We are investigating the contribution of some of these elements to genome regulation in normal and cancer cells.
  • Clinically oriented research on the epigenetic changes involved in human cancer. Initiation and progression of cancer disease is accompanied by multiple molecular changes, including epigenetic alterations. We devote a large effort to develop or adapt molecular techniques to clinical settings with the aim of translating science progress in a better management of the disease, with a special focus on colorectal cancer.

As a direct outcome of our efforts to contribute to the advance of Genomic Medicine, our group created Aniling, a spin-off of the IGTP focused on the improvement of next generation genomic technologies to integrate molecular data into biologically and clinically meaningful information. Moreover, we have also developed bioinformatic tools to facilitate the access to molecular data generated with the most advanced technologies to scientists and clinicians (see more information and our on-line tools here


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Miguel Angel Peinado

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