Carolina Armengol new leader of the CIBEREHD Group at the IGTP

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Dr Carolina Armengol has been named as the new leader of the CIBEREHD Group (CB06/04/0033) at the IGTP.  She will take over from Dr Ramon Planas who has led the group during many years.   Dr Armengol has been working for 18 years on translational research in the field of hepatology, and especially on hepatic cancer.

Carolina Armengol received her PhD in biochemistry after studying with Dr J Bruix and Dr O. Bachs at the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona and the University of Barcelona respectively.   During her postdoctoral work at the Institut Pasteur in Paris she specialized in molecular studies of hepatoblastoma, mainly in hepatic cancer in children.  Her career as a researcher has centred on the identification of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in both adult and paediatric hepatic cancer, starting from the establishment of collections of samples from patients.  Her objectives are to contribute to a more personalized medicine based on molecular findings.

In 2010, with the support of a Ramon y Cajal (MINECO contract, she set up her own research group, the Childhood Liver Oncology group, at the IGTP. The work of this group has several lines of research within the wide scope of the work of the Hepatology Group of the Digestive Tract Service at the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital.  This group forms part of the CIBEREHD network and has four major lines of research: complications of cirrhosis (led by Dr R Bartolí and Dr H Masnou), Hepatic Cancer (Dr Dr M Sala  and C Armengol),Innate Immunity (led by Dr MR Sarrias) and Therapeutic Strategies in Treatment of Hepatitis (Dr R Morillas).  The group's international reputation has considerably increased after hosting the most recent meeting of the European SIOPEL Group  and their participation in the European project Children's Liver Tumour European Research Network (Horizon 2020 Programme).  They are also participating in the international clinical trial for the treatment of paediatric patients with hepatic tumours (The paediatric hepatic international tumour trial, PHITT).