Innomed programme kicks off

- Campus Can Ruti, Innovation, Projects

The Innomed programme has been launched with the ambition of transforming the landscape of health innovation at the Can Ruti Campus, creating synergies between the public and private sectors. With a structured approach around three key axes - nurturing the culture of innovation, fostering project incubation, and facilitating cross-sector collaboration - Innomed aims to turn knowledge into action to achieve tangible impact on the healthcare community.

The project incubator, named 'GrowInn', consists of a series of training sessions and practical workshops, aimed at identifying the main project valorisation actions and implementing them. This inaugural edition has started with 15 projects, selected by each of the participating institutions, and will culminate in a 'Demo Day' on 13 June, where all participants will present their projects in a 'pitch' format and an external evaluation committee will select the top 5, which will receive an award to execute a service with an external consultancy.

For the IGTP, the two selected projects belong to the research groups led by Dr Mireia Jordà and Dr Carol Armengol. The first is developing an epigenetic in vitro diagnostic test for early metastasis risk in thyroid cancer patients, while the second aims to develop a test for diagnosis and prognosis in paediatric liver cancer.

Last Thursday, the first training capsule "Key Elements of an Innovative Project" took place, led by Bernabé Zea, founding partner of ZBM & Trademarks, one of the most recognised patent agencies in our field.

The market and business model, introduction to the regulatory framework for health products and medicines, and the technology transfer process are the topics that will be covered in the upcoming training capsules. These sessions are designed to establish the groundwork for future innovation projects at the Campus. The event was hosted by Raül Zurita, director of the Innovation and Business Development Unit, and Julia Garcia, scientific director, both from the IGTP.

The alliance of centres around the Can Ruti Campus, such as the Consorci Sanitari del Maresme, the Hospital Germans Trias, the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute, the IrsiCaixa AIDS Research Institute, the Guttmann Institute, l'Institut Català d'Oncologia, and the Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute in this programme reflects a collective commitment to foster innovation in our field.

Innomed, from knowledge to impact

Innomed not only symbolises a bridge between theory and practice but also represents a model for effective collaboration, with the aim of improving health at local and national levels. Its success depends on the ability to communicate progress and celebrate achievements, thus increasing its influence and visibility. With this comprehensive approach, Innomed has been established to become a benchmark in health innovation, demonstrating how cooperation and shared knowledge can lead to high-impact solutions.