IGTP's Innovation Unit receives AENOR's R&D&I Certification

- Innovation, Institutional

The certification body AENOR has accredited the Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute (IGTP) for successfully implementing a research, development, and innovation (R&D&I) management system in accordance with the UNE 166002:2021 Standard. This certification is a guarantee of good practices, and confirms that the implementated R&D&I management system meets the statutory requirements.

AENOR's innovation certification for R&D&I activities enables the systematic organization of research, development, and innovation activities, reducing uncertainty and enhancing efficiency in management. The UNE 166002 standard includes requirements and practical guidelines for formulating and developing R&D&I policies, establishing objectives aligned with the specific activities, products, and services of each organization, identifying emerging technologies or new technologies not applied in its sector. Assimilating and subsequently transferring these technologies will provide the foundation for generating projects, enhancing products, processes, or services, and improving competitiveness.

The certificate encompasses the management of research, development, and innovation projects in the main research areas of the institute, with the objective of developing medical devices, diagnostic products, and advanced therapies.

The certificate was awarded a few days ago at IGTP in a ceremony attended by [from left to right and top to bottom in the image]: Dr Jordi Barretina, Director of IGTP; Jordi Martín, Director of AENOR Catalonia; Dr Alba Andrés, Project Manager of the Innovation and Business Development Unit; Dr Raül Zurita, Director of the Innovation and Business Development Unit; Dr Júlia García, Scientific Director of IGTP; Carles Esquerré, Manager of IGTP; Esther Rubio, Business Development Technician from AENOR; Dr Iris Bargalló, Responsible for the Quality and Data Protection Unit at IGTP; and Julià Montero, Technician of the Quality and Data Protection Unit at IGTP.

"This certification helps us promote and systematize research, development, and innovation activities. It also represents external validation of the level of quality achieved by IGTP in effectively carrying out these activities. Undoubtedly, it will have a positive impact on our innovation capacity and ability to achieve results," explains Raül Zurita, head of the unit.

Since its inception, the Institute has dedicated efforts to establishing a controlled R&D&I management system. The annual indicators of the Institute demonstrate the growth of innovative proposals in recent years, which represent a great challenge of R&D&I for this unit. With 8 spin-offs, over 160 active patents, and nearly 30 licensing agreements, we position ourselves as a reference and centre of excellence in health innovation.

AENOR is the leading certification body in Spain, contributing to the transformation of society by building trust among organizations and individuals through conformity assessment services (certification, inspection, and testing), training, and information.