IGTP premieres the podcast ‘Un bri de ciència’

  • In the first episode, "La tuberculosi: la pandèmia dels pobres" (Tuberculosis: the pandemic of the poor), researcher José Domínguez explains the basics of the disease and the current situation of research.
  • This podcast is a way for the centre to reach a wide audience, thanks to a short and dynamic storytelling format.

Today, World TB Day, Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute (IGTP) premieres its own pop-science podcast 'Un bri de ciència' with an episode dedicated to this disease. Researcher José Domínguez explains that "tuberculosis is a disease of the poor and those of us who work on it are also poor. Compared to other disciplines and infections, it has never received the necessary funding commensurate with its magnitude". Despite the existence of a vaccine and a treatment, the disease kills 1.5 million people worldwide every year, and according to the World Health Organisation, approximately one third of the world's population is infected with the bacillus.

The first episode "La tuberculosi: la pandèmia dels pobres" (Tuberculosis: the pandemic of the poor) is now available on various podcast platforms. It lasts 15 minutes and, in Catalan, discusses the current situation of the disease, its social and scientific aspects, and its future. It also explains the research projects of IGTP's Innovation in Respiratory Infections and Tuberculosis Diagnosis group (Innova4TB and ADVANCE-TB) and highlights the importance of collaborating in their research.

The project was created with the aim of bringing IGTP research beyond biomedical professionals and closer to the general public. The flexibility of podcasts, together with a narrative, entertaining and easily digestible format, are key elements to achieve this. International health days will be used as an opportunity for researchers at the centre to explain their research through narrative capsules. The production of the podcast is in-house and without external help.

You can listen to the episode on SpotifyiVoox, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.