The Friends of Can Ruti launch a new web to promote research on the campus

- Amics de Can Ruti

The Friends of Can Ruti (Amics de Can Ruti) have launched a new website to showcase the research on the Can Ruti Campus and attract donations to support research projects and healthcare services. Since 20217 the Friends of Can Ruti have been accompanying the growth of the campus and explaining the day to day of the hospital and the research institutes to the local community.

In recent years the Friends of Can Ruti have forged alliances with many companies, local entities and the public in Badalona to improve healthcare, support young researchers and study new treatments for disease. From charity events, public talks in libraries, visits to the laboratories and participation in local festivals, events and cultural activities, the Friends of can Ruti have increased their network and commitment to improving the lives of patients. The new web is a fundamental tool for spreading the word about these projects.

The new web has updated its image and improves the user experience; it has a much simpler donation system and makes it easy to find the project you want. On the new platform users can find the different ways to collaborate with the campus, how to become a Friend of Can Ruti, how to support specific research, how to be a volunteer, give blood or contribute to bequests. It also has a specific part for companies, which shares the values and commitment that identifies the Friends of Can Ruti. In this part, the companies can find how to participate and the tax advantages of contributing.

The help of the Friends of Can Ruti is essential to promote and guarantee the continuation of the research projects being carried out. We invite you to visit the web and join our network of Friends of Can Ruti.