Julia Garcia-Prado selected for the EATRIS Scientific Committee in Spain

- Institutional

Dr Julia Garcia Prado, Scientific Director of the IGTP and Leader of the VIRIEVAC Group at IrsiCaixa, has been appointed member of the new EATRIS Scientific Committee for Spain. The new body is part of the strategic plan of action for the EATRIS Spain node to increase its presence in the network and increase strategic international collaborations between biomedical research institutes.

The new committee will focus on reinforcing strategic collaborations and has six members chosen from the 20 EATRIS centres in Spain, which are leaders in translational research and affiliated with the institutes of the Instituto de Salut Carlos III. The IGTP as a long-standing member of EATRIS and part of the Biomarker and Imaging and Tracing Platforms has an internal working group to coordinate the participation of the IGTP in the network and reinforce the EATRIS Hub in  Spain.

EATRIS is a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) with the objective of promoting and facilitating translational research in Europe through the translation of scientific discoveries into medical products to improve health and quality of life. It collaborates with and academics, industry, patients and policy-makes as well as researchers and provides the intangibles that investigators need, such as networking, technology and businesses.