Campus Can Ruti Biomedical Research Seminars finish the first series in style

- Campus Can Ruti

After a successful first series, the Campus Can Ruti Biomedical Research Seminars are finishing 2019 in style with three excellent speakers. Next year the seminars will move to an annual programme from January to December.

This quarter we are lucky to be able to hear three scientists who are references in their distinctive fields. As always, the speakers have been asked to give a talk for non-specialists on the campus and we recommend everybody to come and enjoy the opportunity of hearing them here on our campus.

Friday 18 October at 12.00, IJC Auditorium

Long-term Vector-mediated Delivery of anti-HIV Monoclonal Antibodies for Treatment and Prevention
Professor Ronald C Derosiers, Professor of Pathology University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami, USA

Professor Ronald Derosiers is a highly respected figure in the field of viral research and, among many other contributions, has been credited with the discovery of the simian homologs of human immunodeficiency and human herpesviruses, including oncogenic pathogens.  His group is leading the way towards induction of a protective sterilizing barrier against SIV/HIV using recombinant gamma-2 herpesvirus vaccine approaches and AAV-vectored delivery of potent broadly-neutralizing antibodies. More information

Thursday 14 November at 15.00, IJC Auditorium

Young blood for old brains
Toni Wyss-Coray
Professor, Neurology & Neurological Sciences, Stanford University School of Medicine, Cal. USA

Dr Wyss-Coray is leading figure in the field of aging and neurodegeneration. His groups focuses on age-related cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease and is  developed strategies aimed a rejuvenation in general. More information

Monday 16 December 15.00 IJC Auditorium

Functional specialization of human antigen-presenting cells
Elodie Segura, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

Dr Segura is the President of the French Dendritic Cell Society, and she has extensively studied antigen presenting cells and T cell stimulation, with the aim to improve the design of immune therapies for different diseases. More information

The organizing committee will be presenting the programme for 2020 later this month. To contact them please write to comunicacio(ELIMINAR)