Five years training physicians in health research and innovation

- Campus Can Ruti

This June saw the successful close of the fifth edition of the Postgraduate Course in Research and Innovation in Health Sciences. 21 professionals undergoing their medical training (medicine, nursing, pharmacy and so on) presented their final dissertations for the course, which is organized by the Maresme Health Consortium (CSdM) and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) with the support of the IGTP, the Germans Trias Hospital.

In the closing session, the 21 final dissertations were presented, showing the results of following all the different phases of a research project. These can be summarized as the start with the construction of a conceptual framework and a working hypothesis; development of a research or innovation protocol; presentation of the protocol to the Ethics Committee; development of fieldwork; exploitation of data and finally communication of the results in a written or oral communication. The year's study provides the tools to transform an idea into an indexed scientific paper. The research and courses were carried out at the CSdM, the Germans Trias Hospital and the IGTP with the support of investigators from the two research organizations.

The postgraduate course is aimed at medical residents and other graduates of Health Sciences and focusses on all the aspects of research and innovation. On completing the course the students are able to understand the usual processes of a biomedical research project and are able to design and carry project or start a doctoral thesis.

Registration for the sixth edition of the programme starting in September have opened. It is directed by Dr Pere Clavé, Academic Research & Innovation Director of the CSdM with the collaboration of the IGTP and the Hospital.