Miguel A Peinado has been appointed as new coordinator of the PMPPC

- Institutional

The Program for Predictive and Personalized Medicine of Cancer (PMPPC) was an initiative of Manuel Perucho and Manel Puig and resulted from the reorganization of the Can Ruti Campus research structure promoted by the Catalan Government in 2014. Dr. Perucho directed the program until March 2019.

The main aim of the PMPPC is to provide a transversal framework to accelerate the transfer of frontier discoveries and the application of most advanced technologies to clinical oncology. The PMPPC integrates clinical, translational and basic research groups that bring together complementary expertise and tools, offer shared channels of communication inside and outside the campus and create a dynamic environment to implement new strategies and support new researchers early in their careers.

With the appointment of Dr. Peinado, the IGTP consolidates its commitment to reinforce coordinated strategic actions in this specific area and to boost the quality and impact of cancer research generated in the Can Ruti Campus.

Peinado established his research on the Epigenetic Mechanisms of Cancer at the Can Ruti Campus, joining the former IMPPC in 2007 and later on, becoming part of the IGTP. He has a long research track record, working at the Hospital Clínic (masters thesis), Hospital de Sant Pau (PhD), California Inst. Biol. Res (postdoc) and as a principal investigator at IRO and IDIBELL. He has participated in more than 20 research projects and has published over 130 research articles, including leading multidisciplinary journals such as Nature, Science, NEJM and PNAS, and several specialized journals. He has also supervised 19 theses and led research contracts with the biotech and pharma industries, as the co-inventor on five patents. Since 2015 he has also been CSO of Aniling, a spin-off company, set up with the IGTP and dedicated to accelerating the transfer of Epigenetics advances to Medicine through the development of NGS technologies.