The first Can Ruti Biomedical Research Seminar Series proclaimed a success by organizers and hosts

- Campus Can Ruti

During the academic year, 10 eminent researchers have given keynote talks, invited by different researchers who replied to the call for speakers last year. 

"We have invited key figures in their area, who have started their talks with an overview of the field before outlining the latest advances.  This makes the talks very accessible to everybody." Dr Julià Blanco, of IrsiCaixa, one of the first organizers told us.  The other two founder organizers are Dr Marcus Buschbeck of the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute and Dr Sònia Forcales, IGTP-UB.

"We wanted to fill the gap on the campus for regular top quality international seminars, open to all researchers and especially to students," explained Buschbeck. "We have worked hard to get the series accredited by many of the masters' and doctorates being pursued on campus and we organize mentoring sessions with young scientists who want to meet the speaker informally over lunch. It really is a great opportunity for our students."

"It is very important to be able to invite international scientists to come and see our campus. The hosts have all been very happy with the experience and commented on the great value of being able to have meetings with a leader in their field. "Comments Julia Garcia-Prado of IrsiCaixa and the IGTP. "Of course, the fact that this invitation is also extended to all PIs on the campus and to students to join the mentoring lunch makes this a truly cross-institution activity. We are very proud that our guest speakers have all said they have enjoyed the experience tremendously."

The series would not have been possible without sponsorship from AstraZeneca and Celgene. The new committee is inviting speakers for the rest of 2019 and from 2020 will move to an annual programme (January to December) in 2020.

"The challenge is to find sponsors," says Dr Marcel·la Franquesa of the IGTP. "But we are planning well ahead and the seminars are attracting a lot of interest, from both on and off the campus."  There will be a new call for suggestions for speakers at the end of the month, open to all areas of research on the campus.

Mentoring session for young scientists with Dr Gauthier of CABIMER

Mentoring session for young scientistgs

The team responsible for the 2018-2019 Seminar Series

Organizers seminars 2018-2019