Saint George’s Day to raise funds for the “Friends of Can Ruti”

- Campus Can Ruti

Saint George's Day is one of the most important events on our calendar and this year the Friends of Can Ruti also want to celebrate it by joining in with the activities in the centre of our city of Badalona.

As of every 23 April, Francesc Layret Street in Badalona will be filled with stalls with books and roses and a wide range of organizations representing Catalan folk culture and local charities will be there. This year the Friends of Can Ruti will also have a stall full of roses, books and music. The roses are sold in aid of the research effort at Can Ruti, focussed on understanding more about diseases in order to develop treatments and cures. You will also find books written by professionals from the Can Ruti Campus; see the list below.

  •  " Madre no hay más que una. La eterna promesa de las células madre" (Only One Mother, the Eternal Promise of Stem Cells, in Spanish) a popularization of science book by Adrián Villalba, researcher into childhood diabetes at the IGTP.
  • "El viaje de Crohn" (The Voyage of Crohn, in Catalan), by Laura Marín, a nurse at the Germans Trias hospital. It is a children's story about Niko, a boy diagnosed with Crohn's disease at 11. It is being sold in aid of research in this disease.

There are four books by Dr Eduard Cabré, a doctor at the hospital.

  • "Humanadari" (Humandary, in Catalan), Taxonomic poetry of human zoology.
  • "Eines" (Tools, in Catalan), a poetic homage to human ingenuity.
  • El sostre de la sala d'espera" (The Waiting Room Ceiling, in Catalan), a sort-of-novel
  • "Pindolletres" (Letterpills, in Catalan), to be taken emotionally, 28 literary tablets from Eduard Cabré.

As it is a day for celebrating culture, of course there is music too. You can buy CDs by the singer Maria Muñoz, a popular local Spanish performer, a friend of Can Ruti who has collaborated frequently with fundraising. Her latest project for us has been a song dedicated to research to help publicize our work. You can also buy the CD 'Solidaridad Rociera', by a local choir, who are giving all the proceeds for research at the IGTP. We will be waiting to welcome you at the stall throughout the day. Come to Badalona for a fundraising celebration.