Contribute to publishing ‘Lab Coats, a book in support of colon cancer Research

- Campus Can Ruti

On Friday a very special crowd-funding project got underway to support cancer research at Can Ruti.   Sales of the book, which describes the experiences of a colon cancer patient in his own words, will be donated to research into the illness carried out by the IGTP Group led by Eva Martínez-Balibrea.

"Lab Coats" (les Bates Blanques) has been written by Xavier Giribés i Sala, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2009. At that time the doctors of the ICO Badalona in the Germans Trias Hospital only gave him a prognosis of two more years, but he continued his fight against the disease for more than seven.  During this time Xavier wrote about his experiences and about those of the people around him with the idea of publishing a book which would contribute to raising money to research the disease.   All funds raised by the book will be donated to the Resistance, Chemotherapy and Predictive Biomarkers Research Group, the group led by Dr Eva Martinez-Balibrea and that studies colon cancer at the IGTP within the ProCURE Programme (Catalan Institute of Oncology - ICO, and the Programme for Predictive and Personalized Medicine of Cancer, PMPPC). 

This was how the venture started and you can contribute to the publication of the book by participating in the Verkami and help to publicize the project to edit "Lab Coats".