The Mental Health and Illness research group is co-directed by two Principal Investigators: Dr. Crisanto Díez-Quevedo (MD, PhD) and Dr. Maria Iglesias-González (MD, PhD), representing the generational transition from a past time when psychiatric research at the center was based mainly on collaborations with other in-hospital and external groups, to the construction in the last 4 years of a large mental health professionals group involving young researchers joined from different centers throughout Spain.

This group has a clear translational perspective that includes both psychiatrists and psychologists, with the collaboration of other mental health professionals. Our work is also carried out in collaboration with other clinical and research departments (Pediatrics, Obstetrics-Gynecology, Endocrinology, Immunology, Nephrology, Neurology, Pneumology, among others).

The group is located in different assistance devices of the Psychiatry Service in the Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital (HUGTiP) and we are also affiliated with the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Department of Psychiatry and Legal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine). Similarly, two of our members (MI-G and JC-E) are part of the CIBER ISCIII network (CIBERSAM - mental health & CIBERESP - public health).

The group is working on different lines of research, both in the adult population and in the child-adolescent population, deepening into the etiopathogenic knowledge, diagnostic capacity and therapeutic algorithms of various mental illnesses.


Mental Health and Illness IGTP Group Publications

Members of the Group

Crisanto Díez Quevedo(ELIMINAR), Group Leader

Maria Iglesias González(ELIMINAR), Group Leader

Gloria Bellido Sanin(ELIMINAR)

Tatiana Bustos Cardona(ELIMINAR)

Jorge Cuevas Esteban(ELIMINAR)

Joan de Pablo Rabassó(ELIMINAR)

Mikel Etxandi Santolaya(ELIMINAR)

Àurea Fernández Ribas(ELIMINAR)

Maria Giralt López(ELIMINAR)

Sara González Simarro(ELIMINAR)

Ana Ibáñez Caparrós(ELIMINAR)

Carla Juárez Riera(ELIMINAR)

Laura Lermo Vidal(ELIMINAR)

Maria Eulalia Lorán Meler(ELIMINAR)

Bàrbara Martínez Cirera(ELIMINAR)

Mónica Moreira Martínez(ELIMINAR)

Pilar Mundo Cid(ELIMINAR)

Teresa Rangil Muñoz(ELIMINAR)

David Sanagustin Bosqued(ELIMINAR)

Guiomar Tomàs Penelas(ELIMINAR)

Manuel Vásquez Guida(ELIMINAR)


Pilar Mundo Cid & Maria Giralt López are participating in the project "Brain, neuroendocrine and inflammatory alterations in perinatal depression, what is their association and how they influence offspring", IP: Daniel Bergé Baquero, IMIM, financed by ISCIII, PI21/00018, 2022 - 2024.

Maria Giralt López is participating in the project "Study on the mother-to-child transfer of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) through breast milk in postpartum women with regular cannabis use. Correlation between samples of breast milk, urine and saliva during the initial period of lactation", IP: Lara Grau, VHIR, financed by Plan Nacional de Drogas, 2022 - 2024.

Monica Moreira Martínez & Maria Giralt López are participating in the project "Neurodevelopment markers and schizophrenia: analysis of their shared genetic underpinnings and the modulation effect of prenatal stress", FIDMAG, financed by ISCIII, PI20/01002, 2021 - 2023.

Maria Giralt López is participating in the project "Implication of male fetal microchimerism in female depression: translational studies in women and in an animal model". IP Maria Patricia Robledo Montoya, (IMIM), financed by ISCII PI22/00018, 2022-2024.

Maria Giralt López, Monica Moreira and Jorge Cuevas are participating in the project ":Predicting diagnosis on first-episode psychosis through fingerprints, genomics and deep learning algorithms", IP M Fatjó-Vilas, financed by . CIBER de Salud Mental, Intramural Joint Research and Development Project (2022-2024).

Teresa Rangil Muñoz is participating in the project "Personalized medicine in Neurofibromatosis type 2: improving the genetic diagnosis, the evaluation of the quality of life and the generation of schwannoma iPSC-derived cell model", IP: Elisabeth Castellanos, Ignacio Blanco, IGTP, financed by ISCIII, PI20/00215, 2021 - 2023.

Sara Gonzalez Simarro is participating in the project "Clinical trial on the effects of skills training on long-standing symptoms in patients with borderline personality disorder", IIB Sant Pau, financed by ISCIII, PI19/00087, 2020 - 2022.

Grup de recerca Mental Health and Illness

Research lines

Innovation in acute psychiatric hospitalization

PI: Jorge Cuevas-Esteban

We assess and implement different new interventional approaches for psychiatric hospitalization like Safewards, open doors, sensory therapies, physical activity, immersive reality, user participation, healthy habits, zero restraint, and others.

Catatonia & Delirium

PI: Jorge Cuevas-Esteban & Maria Iglesias-González

We assess several aspects of etiology, detection with clinical scales, and treatment of catatonic symptoms across different diagnostic categories, as well as delirium during medical or surgical hospitalization.

Inflammation and affective disorders

PI: Maria Iglesias-González

This line of research aims to study the relationship between inflammatory markers and the presence of psychopathological symptoms in patients with major depression, as well as develop predictors of response to antidepressant treatment. The main objective is to be able to address the biological heterogeneity of depressive disorders and allow a precision approach in psychiatry.

Neurodevelopmental disorders

PI: Maria Giralt-López

We study early markers of environmental and genetic risk to disentangle the vulnerability pathway to different neurodevelopmental disorders (schizophrenia, autism, ADHD).

Perinatal mental health

PI: Maria Giralt-López

We study women's mental health during pregnancy and postpartum and their impact on fetus and child. Also, we assess the impact of mental disorders during the perinatal period on obstetric and perinatal outcomes.

Health psychology

PI: Teresa Rangil

We study and implement clinical psychological interventions to improve health and health perception in several medical disorders (transplantation, epilepsy, rare diseases, etc.).

Current Research Projects

Hospitalización de puertas abiertas en psiquiatría: validación y reproducción del modelo Can Ruti - PORTES OBERTES

Principal Investigator: Jorge Cuevas-Esteban
Start date: 21/08/2022
End date: 21/08/2024


Crisanto Díez Quevedo

(+34) 934 97 83 94