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Personalized Cancer Medicine in the Age of Aging
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04/10/2016 - Campus Can Ruti

A new weapon against TB Infection in developing countries is possible thanks to a bacterium found in the River Cardener in Catalonia

Manremyc, a biotechnology spin-off of the IGTP is responsable for a huge leap forward in the fight against tuberculosis in developing countries.  A new agreement with SRS Life Sciences will make the cheap and easily administered food supplement Nyaditum resae® available to over 5 million people.  The food supplement, which can be added to food or taken in pill form has been developed from a harmless bacterium found in water in Catalonia in Spain.

03/10/2016 - Research

Carolina Armengol new leader of the CIBEREHD Group at the IGTP

Dr Carolina Armengol has been named as the new leader of the CIBEREHD Group (CB06/04/0033) at the IGTP.  She will take over from Dr Ramon Planas who has led the group during many years.   Dr Armengol has been working for 18 years on translational research in the field of hepatology, and especially on hepatic cancer.


Friday 28 October

PMPPC Investigators' Seminar

Mònica Suelves
Associate Investigator, Epigenetic Mechanisms of Cancer and Cell Differentiation

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Personalized Cancer Medicine in the Age of Aging

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