With increasing healthcare costs and decreasing numbers of healthcare professionals, the application of technology to healthcare has become essential. Technological developments are increasing at a rapid rate and digital innovations are steadily making their way into everyday clinical practice. This means that the skills that new professionals are required to maser are rapidly transforming not just the healthcare curriculum, but also the way healthcare institutions function and care pathways they provide. In addition, assessing the feasibility, viability and cost-effectiveness of new approaches is often a challenging and daunting process, which needs to be approached in a scholarly fashion.

The Research Group for Innovation, Health Economics and Digital Transformation at the Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute was set up in early 2022; it brings together specialists in a number of different areas. The overarching aim of the group is to conduct applied transversal research with the vision of impacting the healthcare model, it will do this by connecting multidisciplinary teams, consisting of management, innovation, digital transformation, knowledge transfer and health economics experts.

Keywords: Innovation, health economics, digital health, digital transformation, processes, healthcare, research.

Grup de recerca INEDIT


Principal investigators

Daniel Moreno Martínez(ELIMINAR), Deputy Director
Meritxell Davins Riu 
Francesc López Seguí
Raül Zurita Badosa(ELIMINAR)
Raquel Escrich Navarro
Jordi Ara del Rey(ELIMINAR)
Josep Maria Ibañez

Associate researchers

Laura Ricou
Mercè Bonjorn
Guillem Hernandez
Marc Vilar Capella
Mireia Cano
Alba Andrés
Idoia Ramos
Maria Isabel Martinez 
Laura Miró

Research internships

Jordi Coll
Jose Angel Vicente
Marc Gallifa

Research lines

  • Technological innovation

  • Transformation and digital health

  • Health economics

Active projects

  • ASSIST project (Artificial Intelligence Scalable Solution for ST Myocardial Infarction)
  • CRIPAP project: Hearing loss screening of a population area
  • EIT Health - iDays
  • EIT Health - Healthcare Transformation Academy
  • Erasmus+ - 4D
  • Erasmus+ - HEAL
  • Cost-effectiveness study of the CardioMEMS device
  • Cost-effectiveness study of the ProPCC program
  • Cost-benefit analysis of the implementation of a vascular access team
  • Economic impact of the implementation of a multidisciplinary diabetic foot clinic

Scientific publications

Main research publications

López Seguí, F.; Estrada Cuxart, O.; Mitjà i Villar, O.; Hernández Guillamet, G.; Prat Gil, N.; Maria Bonet, J.; Isnard Blanchar, M.; Moreno Millan, N.; Blanco, I.; Vilar Capella, M.; Català Sabaté, M.; Aran Solé, A.; Argimon Pallàs, J.M.; Clotet, B.; Ara del Rey, J. A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the COVID-19 Asymptomatic Mass Testing Strategy in the North Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2021 Jun 30;18(13):7028. DOI: 10.3390/ijerph18137028. PMID: 34209328; PMCID: PMC8297108.

López Seguí F, Oyón Lerga U, Laguna Marmol L, Coll P, Andreu A, Meulbroek M, Lopez Casasnovas G, Estrada Cuxart O, Ara Rey J, Quiñones C, Perez F, Fernandez J, Rivero A, Ricou Rios L, Clotet B. Cost-effectiveness analysis of the daily HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis in men who have sex with men in Barcelona. PLoS ONE. 2023 Jan 17;18(1):e0277571. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0277571. PMID: 36649273; PMCID: PMC9844874.

López Seguí, F.; Navarrete Duran, J.M.; Tuldrà, A.; Sarquella, M.; Revollo, B.; Llibre, J.M.; Ara del Rey, J.; Estrada Cuxart, O.; Paredes Deirós, R.; Hernández Guillamet, G.; Clotet Sala, B.; Vidal Alaball, J.; Such Faro, P. Impact of Mass Workplace COVID-19 Rapid Testing on Health and Healthcare Resource Savings. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health. 2021 Jul 3;18(13):7129. DOI: 10.3390/ijerph18137129. PMID: 34281065; PMCID: PMC8297152.

López, F.; Català, M.; Prats, C.; Estrada, O.; Oliva, I.; Prat, N.; Isnard, M.; Vallès, R.; Vilar, M.; Clotet, B.; Argimon, J.M.; Aran, A.; Ara, J. A Cost-Benefit Analysis of COVID-19 Vaccination in Catalonia. Vaccines (Basel). 2021 Dec 31;10(1):59. DOI: 10.3390/vaccines10010059. PMID: 35062719; PMCID: PMC8780175.

Davins Riu M, Borràs Pérez X, Artigas Raventós V, Palomera Fanegas E, Serra Prat M, Alós Villacrosa J. Use of Telehealth as a New Model for Following Intermittent Claudication and Promoting Patient Expertise. Telemed J E Health. 2018 Oct;24(10):773-781. DOI: 10.1089/tmj.2017.0226. PMID: 29323628.

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Torres M, Reixach E, Magem D, Gimenez E, Andrés E, Moreno-Martinez D, Espallargues M, en nom del grup de treball interinstitucional en innovació tecnològica per a la crisi de la COVID-19. PriTec-COVID-19: una eina per a la priorització de la innovació. Barcelona: Agència de Qualitat i Avaluació Sanitàries de Catalunya. Departament de Salut. Generalitat de Catalunya; 2021.

Gimenez E, Torres M, Moreno-Martinez D, Reixach E, Magem D, et al. (in press, 2022). Unmet needs for COVID-19 non-pharmacological innovative technology in Catalonia. Lessons learned for improvement of quality healthcare. IJQHC Communications.

Guillamet GH, Seguí FL, Vidal-Alaball J, López B. CauRuler: Causal irredundant association rule miner for complex patient trajectory modelling. Comput Biol Med. 2023 Feb 9;155:106636. DOI: 10.1016/j.compbiomed.2023.106636. PMID: 36780801.

Roure S, López F, Oliva I, Pérez-Quílez O, March O, Chamorro A, Estrada O, et al. (2023) Schistosomiasis screening in non-endemic countries from a cost perspective: Knowledge gaps and research priorities. The case of African long-term residents in a Metropolitan Area, Spain. PLoS Negl Trop Dis 17(4): e0011221. DOI:

Mas MÀ, Miralles R, Ulldemolins MJ, Garcia R, Gràcia S, Picaza JM, Navarro Fernández M, Rocabayera MA, Rivera M, Relaño N, Torres Asensio M, Laporta P, Morcillo C, Nadal L, Hervás R, Fuguet D, Alba C, Miralles Banqué N, Jiménez Panés S, Moreno Moreno M, Nogueras C, Manjón Navarro H, López R, Hernández G, López-Seguí F, Ríos LR, Pons A, Prat N, Ara Del Rey J, Estrada O. Evaluating Person-Centred Integrated Care to People with Complex Chronic Conditions: Early Implementation Results of the ProPCC Programme. International Journal of Integrated Care, 2023; 23(4): 18, 1-12. DOI:


- Projects

Four IGTP projects financed with 1.7 million euros by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation

The Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute (IGTP) has received funding to develop four projects as part of the "Public-Private Collaboration Projects" call by the State Research Agency of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, amounting to a total of €1,706,019.92.

Two IGTP groups lead a European analysis to understand key factors for digitalisation in practice environments

The research groups in Nursing Care (NURECARE) and Innovation, Health Economics and Digital Transformation (INEDIT) from the IGTP are leading the publication of the first report on the key factors for introducing digital technologies in professional nursing practice environments. Through this effort, professionals from the Germans Trias Hospital are participating for the first time in the design of a comprehensive analysis of the required changes, while also offering recommendations to ensure the success of any initiative aimed at incorporating these technologies into hospitals.

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