IGTP introduces super-resolution microscope at CMCiB

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On May 10, a state-of-the-art super-resolution fluorescence confocal microscope, called Abberior Infinity, was installed in the high-level biosafety (NCB3) facility of the Centre for Comparative Medicine and Bioimage (CMCiB) of the Germans Trias i Pujol research Institute (IGTP). Today, as part of the CMCIB 3RS training programme, this new equipment was introduced in the seminar Introduction to the CMCiB NCB3 super-resolution microscope: from molecular imaging to animal tissue imaging, conducted by Jakub Chojnacki, Head of the Microscopy Service at the IGTP.

This microscope is adapted for live cell imaging, and thanks to its super-resolution capabilities, it is specifically well suited for studying molecular details of pathogen (virus, bacteria, parasites) interactions with cells, organoids or tissues. Finally, due to the open and easily upgradable nature of this platform, it will be able to grow depending on users' needs and offer additional modalities such as 2-photon excitation or live animal intravital imaging in the future. 

The equipment of this class, unique in the region, is a powerful tool for anyone aiming to perform advanced microscopy studies on fully infectious Level 3 pathogens (HIV, SARS-CoV-2, Monkey Pox, TB etc.) The microscope is available for use by all internal and external users via IGTP Microscopy Platform.

Main advantages

  • Advanced super-resolution technology: the Abberior Infinity is a state-of-the-art super-resolution microscope. It can provide imaging of biological samples with much higher resolution than conventional microscopes. This technology allows CMCiB to study fine details of biological samples, such as subcellular cellular structures or molecular interactions, with exceptional clarity. This opens up new opportunities for advanced research and potentially enables the discovery of novel aspects of biology.
  • Enhanced precision in research: with this microscope, researchers at CMCiB can perform fluorescence tracking experiments with improved precision and sensitivity. This capability allows them to study biological processes in real-time, observe cellular activity, and track molecular movements in great detail. This improvement in imaging and fluorescence tracking capabilities enhances the quality of research conducted at CMCiB.
  • Study of live samples: The Abberior Infinity enables the capture of real-time imaging of live samples. This is particularly useful for investigations in cell biology and studies of molecular interactions under physiological conditions. Researchers can observe how cellular structures and molecules behave in live environments, enabling them to gain a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of biological processes.
  • Competitive advantage: With the acquisition of a state-of-the-art super-resolution fluorescence confocal microscope like the Abberior Infinity, CMCiB and IGTP enhances its capacity to conduct cutting-edge research and compete in the field of molecular biology and biomedical imaging.