Complicaciones Médicas del Abuso de Drogas

Robert Muga Bustamante

This is a clinical research group focussed on the complications that arise from alcohol and drug abuse, particularly opiates and cocaine.   The group is financed by public agencies and Themes networked funding by the Ministry of Health (RETICS-ISCIII), in this case the Addictive Disorders Network (RTA).

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Líneas de investigación

Medical Complications of alcohol use disorder

To characterize medical comorbidity of patients requesting treatment for alcohol use disorder: Alcoholic liver disease, immunological alterations, malnutrition, cardiovascular risk, neurological risk and viral infections, amongst other pathologies being studied.

Monitoring viral infections in patients with substance use disorder

  • To establish diagnostics, clinical evaluation and access to treatment of common viral infections (i.e., HIV, Hepatitis B and C) in patients with substance use disorder
  • To analyze the risk of developing disease such as  AIDS, liver cirrhosis or cancer and death

Mortality and substance use disorders

To describe the long-term evolution and outcomes of patients who abuse drugs or alcohol and knowing the causes of death as a function of comorbidity.

Intestinal permeability, systemic inflammation and cardiometabolic alterations

To study markers of inflammation, intestinal permeability and oxidative stress in a cohort of patients with alcohol use disorder.

Immune alterations associated with alcohol use disorder

To characterize the alterations of cellular immunity subsets in patients with alcohol use disorder according to the severity of alcoholic liver disease and to determine the molecular mechanisms that make alcohol use disorder at risk of immunodeficiency.

Members of the group

The members of this group are all based at the Germans Trias University Hospital. They are employed by the hospital, or by the Catalan Health Institute and are affiliated to the IGTP.

Robert Muga Bustamante(ELIMINAR) (Group Leader and PI)
Daniel fuster Martí,(ELIMINAR) (PI)
Xavier García-Calvo
Anna Hernandez
Jordi Tor Aguiler(ELIMINAR)
Arantza Sanvisens Bergé(ELIMINAR)
Paola Zuluaga Blanco(ELIMINAR)


The Medical Complications of Substance Abuse group works with researchers from other institutions. The group has a long collaboration with Dr. Ferran Bolao of the Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge (Department of Internal Medicine/Addiction Unit), who provides samples, collects data and has worked for years on the cohort of drug users admitted to hospital detoxification.

Dr. Inmaculada Rivas of the Municipal Center of Substance Abuse Treatment (Centro Delta) at Badalona Serveis Assistencials is also a long term collaborator on the projects related to Methadone Treatment Programs.


La tercera edición del PERIS vuelve a financiar un proyecto de Germans Trias i Pujol

El Departament de Salut ha entregado este martes las ayudas de las convocatorias 2018 y 2019 del Plan Estratégico de Investigación e Innovación en Salud (PERIS). En la edición de este año, la neuróloga de Germans Trias Natalia Pérez de la Ossa ha recibido una ayuda para el proyecto de atención prehospitalaria de pacientes con ictus agudo. También el doctor Daniel Fuster, que recibió la ayuda en la segunda edición del PERIS, ha recogido el galardón este martes.

- Investigación

Revisión sobre las recomendaciones de consumo de alcohol en pacientes con enfermedades hepáticas

El Dr. Daniel Fuster de la Unidad de Adicciones, en el Servicio de Medicina Interna del Hospital Universitario Germans Trias i Pujol i el Instituto de Investigación (IGTP), es coautor de un artículo de revisión histórica sobre el uso de alcohol con pacientes con enfermedades hepáticas crónicas, junto con el Dr. Jeffrey H Samet, en el Boston Medical Center y University School of Medicine. El artículo se ha publicado en la revista New England Journal of Medicine.

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Prof. Robert Muga Bustamante, Specialist Physician in Internal Medicine, Room 801, General Buildling, HUGTiP

(+34) 93 4651200 ext. 3582