Friday 24 March

7th Barcelona Chromatin Club (BCC7) Epigenetic Inheritance

Organizers: Tanya Vavouri & Sònia Forcales (Spain)

The newly created Chromatin and Epigenetics section of the SCB and the Barcelona Chromatin Club (BCC) announce the 7th Annual BCN Chromatin and Epigenetics Symposium to be held on March 24, 2017. Its objective is to bring together the different groups of our geographical area working on this field, for the presentation and discussion of results, and enhancement of contacts and collaborations between them.

Wednesday 25 October

2017 Barcelona Conference on Epigenetics and Cancer

From to

BCEC Series Co-organized by PMPPC

Epigenetic Mechanisms in Health and Disease

The fifth conference in the series is co-organized by the IBMB-CSIC and the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute (IJC).