Reformulating clinical internships: an innovative teaching approach at IGTP

- Innovation

Medical and nursing education is the cornerstone of healthcare systems. A key part of such education are internships, which often are the first real-life work experience that students have. As such, providing high quality internships is mandatory to ensure the proper training of future healthcare professionals. However, a number of challenges have arisen in the recent years, which have made the internship process more difficult than ever.

The Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute (IGTP) and the Germans Trias Hospital participate in the HEAL project, which is funded through the Erasmus+ programme. HEAL is an ambitious project aiming at reformulating the way clinical internships currently take place in hospitals. In this context, the HEAL consortia will develop an innovative European educational framework that will help overcoming the challenges that medical and nursing degrees face when it comes to participating in internships in hospitals.

The project will be co-led jointly between the Innovation Unit led by Daniel Moreno, the area of Development and Research for Nursing Management led by Cristina Casanovas, and the UAB Teaching Unit led by David Pares. Daniel Moreno, Head of the Innovation Unit at the hospital and IP of the project highlights that "this is the first year that our hospital and research institute participate in the Erasmus+ programme. It is clear that the current teaching model needs updating to be able to overcome contemporary challenges. From the Innovation Unit we are delighted to be working on innovation in teaching and learning, and that our hospital is participating in transforming the way the healthcare professionals of the future are being trained".

The participation of Germans Trias is through the consortium coordinated by Odense University Hospital (Denmark), along with the University of Southern Denmark, Maastritch University (Netherlands), Haute Ecole Libre Mosane University College (Belgium), and Trinity College Dublin (Ireland). IGTP hosted this week the second partner meeting of the HEAL consortia.

You can read more about the HEAL project in its website: