The cryobiology Facility was set up as a service in 2006 to respond to the needs for cryopreservation of research samples.

The objective of the Cryobiology Unit is to provide the preservation services for biological samples of the IGTP scientific community.

The service is structured two clearly differentiated areas in function of preservation temperature; ultra-low freezers at -80ºC and liquid nitrogen at -190ºC. Currently the service has a coverage of eight ultra-low freezers and eight liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezing tanks which contain collections belonging to different owners.

The facility is equipped with the necessary security and control measures to ensure the correct functioning of the equipment and guarantee the preservation of the samples.

  • Management control software for the cryogenic facility (SINTESY/Eagle Net)
  • Monitoring software for temperatures of ultra-freezers ((JRI/Sirius)
  • Forced ventilation System and oxygen level detection System in the liquid nitrogen room
  • Autonomous air-conditioning in the ultra-low freezer rooms
  • Back-up ultra-freezers (housing samples in case of incident)
  • Liquid nitrogen dispenser for transport flasks
  • Limited and controlled access and on-site Security vigilance

The liquid nitrogen section preservation has its own cryogenic installation (equipped with a deposit of 2,500Kg, depressurized pipework, control panel and specific software) which permits automatic filling manoeuvres and monitoring of levels and temperatures of samples.

The support personnel concentrate on management and maintenance of resources leaving cryopreservation, inventory and movement of samples in the hands of the users.