The objective of the Cryobiology Unit is to provide the preservation services for biological samples of the IGTP scientific community.

The unit has various rooms equipped to guarantee the correct preservation of samples using two cryopreservation technologies:

  • Ultra-low freezing at -80ºC
  • Cryogenic storage at -190ºC in liquid nitrogen

The rooms meet security and control standards to guarantee the correct functioning of the freezers and protection of samples:restricted access, 24h x 365 day surveillance, monitoring software with temperature registers and alarms incorporated, CO2 back-up, reserve -80º freezer for back up, air-conditioning, ventilation, O2 detection, NO2 dispenser and personal protection materials.

The unit has its own Cryogenic facility which provides uninterrupted liquid nitrogen from an external deposit of 2,500 l, depressurized pipework and automatic filling of deposits with control of actions, monitoring of levels and temperatures and alarms.

Technical support works to maintain installations and equipment and manage space and resources working in collaboration with the Biobank if the IGTP-HUGTP to register collections and maintain inventories.