Immunologia de la Diabetis

Marta Vives-Pi

The research group dedicated to the immunology of diabetes carries out both basic and translational research with the aim of developing preventive immunotherapeutic for Type 1 Diabetes and to identify the mechanisms of pathogenicity and regeneration in auto-immune diseases.

Grup Vives 2016.02.08

Líneas de investigación

Immunotherapies for the prevention and treatment of diabetes Type 1

The line of research aims to stop the autoimmune response using innovative therapies to re-establish the cellular tolerance of the insulin-producing cells.

Biomarkers for the regeneration of autoimmune diseases

The line of research aims to define new regeneration biomarkers in target tissues in autoimmune diseases.

Pathogenic mechanisms of autoimmunity

This line of research aims to identify the inflammatory mechanisms of the specific immune responsible for destruction of insulin-producing beta cells

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Marta Vives-Pi, PhD, Principal Investigator

(+34) 93 497 86 66