Wednesday 28 February

Genetics as a tool to solve patients’ needs

Elisabeth Castellanos & Ignacio Blanco


Host: CARE Program

The Translational Cancer Seminars of the IGTP are an initiative established with the goals of promoting awareness of translational cancer research in our region, fostering new collaborative projects, and creating a space for enriching scientific debate among participants.

Thursday 29 February

Jornada dia internacional malalties minoritàries

Host: Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol

Les malalties minoritàries són transversals: jornada per a famílies, investigadors/es i clínics/ques. En les jornades d'enguany pretenem posar en comú experiències de clínics, de les famílies i d'investigadors de l'IGTP que es dediquen al món de les malalties minoritàries.

Thursday 29 February

Specificity is key!

Maxime Jacquet

Field Application Specialist, Cell Signaling Technology

Host: IGTP & Cell Signaling Technology & Werfen

The seminar will cover: A spotlight on Cell Signaling Tecnology (CST) innovative solutions for your research (SignalStar Multiplex IHC, CUT&RUN, CUT&Tag, CAR-T).

Thursday 29 February

VI Translational Research Meeting on Urological Tumors

From to

Host: ICO & IGTP

During 29 February and 1 March, 20 national and international experts of renowned prestige in the treatment and research of urological tumors will conduct a comprehensive update and review of various research lines.

Wednesday 06 March

BioinfoTalk: title pending

Guillem Hernández


Host: BioinfoTalks Committee

These talks are organized by and for the bioinformatics community on the Can Ruti Campus. They have a hybrid format, with a real-life talk in the Seminar Room at IGTP's Edifici Muntanya ground floor and are streamed through Zoom.

Tuesday 12 March

Taking different routes to success

Host: Can Ruti Working Group Women for Equity in Science (W4E)

A mentoring session on the scientific career path for women. This session will be in Catalan, or English, depending on the audience. Moderator Sara Morón-López, PhD.

Thursday 14 March

La nova unitat d’anatomia computacional del CMCiB i les 3Rs

Gemma Monté

Responsable de Bioimatge del CMCiB - IGTP

Host: CMCiB & Comitè d'Ètica Experimentació Animal

Els seminaris 3R són gratuïts i oberts a tot el Campus Can Ruti, i a tot aquell personal usuari del CMCiB que hi pugui estar interessat Són seminaris presencials i prioritàriament pràctics per a resoldre dubtes i aportar coneixement sobre els diversos aspectes que poden afectar l'execució d'un estudi experimental amb models animals o les seves alternatives.