Enfermedades Renales

Francesc E. Borràs
Josep Bonet Sol

The Kidney-affecting Diseases Research Group (in Spanish Recerca En Malalties d'Afectació Renal or REMAR) aims to deepen in the knowledge of the aetiopathogenic mechanisms of the diseases that affect kidneys, and to boost the translational research for the benefit of renal patients.

The group is led by Dr Josep  Bonet, Chief of the Nephrology Service at the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital.

Líneas de investigación

Urine exosomes in Transplanted patients

Renal biopsy is the gold standard procedure to diagnose most of renal pathologies. However, this invasive method is of limited repeatability and often describes an irreversible renal damage .The identification of specific biomarkers in the urinary exosomes can help replacing this technique by a less invasive diagnostic.

Morbid Obesity and renal disease

  • PI Maruja Navarro, Attending Physician
  • PI Assumpta Serra, Attending Physician

Morbid Obesity plays an important role in promoting chronic kidney disease. Our group has participated in the development of several studies related to MO. We are currently interested in the study and definition of specific genes involved in this pathology.

Proteomics and glomerular disease

Investigating new urinary markers by proteomics is one of the most important challenges in the forthcoming years, as it will allow classifying more specifically and effectively primary renal diseases.

  • PI Josep Bonet, Chief of Nephrology Service

Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Kidney Transplant

The aim of this research is to develop a strategy to optimize the induction of tolerance in clinical transplantation. Based on previous work on the interactions of MSC with other cells, we aim to generate regulatory cells in vitro for therapeutic applications.

Peritoneal Dialysis

  • PI Maribel Troya, Attending Physician

Members of the Group

Francesc E Borràs, Principal Investigator, feborras(ELIMINAR)@igtp.cat
Josep Bonet Sol, Principal Investigator, jbonet.germanstrias(ELIMINAR)@gencat.cat
Marcella Franquesa, mfranquesa(ELIMINAR)@igtp.cat
Marta Monguió, mmonguio(ELIMINAR)@igtp.cat
Laura Carreras, lcarreras(ELIMINAR)@igtp.cat
Miriam Moron, mmoron(ELIMINAR)@igtp.cat

Current Research Projects

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Francesc E. Borràs (Principal Investigator) Josep Bonet Sol (Chief of Nephrology Service)

(+34) 93 033 05 26 and (+34) 93 497 88 98