DAR emergency ventilator

DAR emergency ventilator

Type of project

Pre-clinical testing and participation in a clinical trial of emergency ventilator

Brief summary and objectives

To provide emergency venitilators, GASN2 have developed the DAR ventilator. The new equipment uses parts of industrial origin: pneumatic, instrumental, electric and electronic components along with software to control variables during the procedure, monitor screens and visual and audio alarms. It is slightly more sophisticated than the previous two devices that have already been authorized for clinical trials. The DAR allows for the constant objective control of respiratory frequency and other parameters, providing the patient with vital support that they would otherwise not be able to receive, always in the case that a conventional ventilator is not available.

Project leader

Dr Josep M. Nicholás, specialist in intensive care medicine and Lecturer at the UB

Project members

Hospital Clínic, Germans Trias i Pujol and Barcelona University with GasN2

Dr Josep M. Nicholás, Specialist in intensive care medicine and Lecturer at the UB
Dr Ramón Farré, Professor of Physiology at the UB and leader of the group in Respiratory Biophysics and Engineering, IDIBAPs
Dr Manel Puig, Director, Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute (IGTP)

Projected timing

The clinical trial is ongoing to provide ventilators in emergency situations.

Funding bodies

This initiative has been possible thanks to the support of a large number of private individuals, companies and organizations from civil society. They have also had the support of the Catalan Health Service, which has facilited the incorporation of the companies and has supported the centres seeking this type of solution.

The OxyGEN prototype has been developed by GasN2


The autonomous ventilation device (DAR) developed by the Hospital Clínic Barcelona, Germans Trias i Pujol, the University of Barcelona and GASN2 is authorized by the AEMPS to start clinical trials

Can Ruti Campus, Hospital Clínic Barcelona and Barcelona University collaborate in a Ministry of Health project to develop emergency ventilators