Collaborative project on COVID-19 Pandemic modelling

Brief summary and objectives

The group employs an empirical model, verified with the evolution of the number of confirmed cases in previous countries where the epidemic is close to conclusion, including all provinces of China. The model does not pretend to interpret the causes of the evolution of the cases but to permit the evaluation of the quality of control measures made in each state and a short-term prediction of tendencies.

The group has published constant reports and has developed different models to test and predict different aspects of the data.

Project leader

Clara Prats, BIOCOMSC, UPC and CMCiB

Project members

Pere-Joan Cardona, IGTP and CMCiB

Martí Català, CMCiB

Members of BIOCOMSC

Associated News

Spain currently has 124,300 active cases of COVID-19 according to the mathematical model developed by the UPC and IGTP

The percentage of COVID-19 cases diagnosed in Spain rises to nearly 10% of the population

Researchers at the UPC and the IGTP use mathematical models to evaluate the evolution of the COVID-19 epidemic and the effectiveness of the control measures