Mecanismes Epigenètics del Càncer i Diferenciació Cel·lular

Miguel Angel Peinado

The main focus of our research is the characterization of the molecular mechanisms underlying cancer cell programs and the identification of molecular markers with clinical applications.

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The main focus of our research is the characterization of the molecular mechanisms underlying cell programs and the identification of molecular markers with clinical applications. The specific topics we are currently developing in our lab include:

  • Chromatin architecture in cell differentiation and cancer. We are investigating the organization of chromatin in normal and cancer cells. We are especially interested in the characterization of the mechanisms determining long range interactions and genome compartmentalization.
  • The role of repeat elements in genome structure and function. About half of the human genome is composed by repeat sequences. We are analyzing the epigenetics of some of these elements in normal and cancer cells and trying to determine their contribution to regulate the structure of the chromatin and gene expression.
  • Clinically oriented research on the epigenetic changes involved in human cancer. Initiation and progression of cancer disease is accompanied by multiple molecular changes, including epigenetic alterations. We search for epigenetic markers appearing early in the disease to facilitate cancer detection and intervention. Our group also devotes a large effort to develop or adapt molecular techniques to clinical settings with the aim of translating science progress in a better management of patients. Most of our studies are focused on colorectal cancer.
  • Technological Innovation. Our lab aims to contribute to the advance of Genomic Medicine by developing new technologies and bioinformatic tools (more info at Our group has also created Aniling, a spin-off of the IGTP focused on the improvement of next generation genomic technologies to integrate molecular data into biologically and clinically meaningful information.

Research Projects

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Development of a kit based in the GEUS system for the diagnosis of cancer in liquid biopsies

Code: MCIU RTC-2017-6685-1
Principlal Investigator: L Coll (coordinador), MA Peinado, V Moreno                                                                                     
Start Date: 01/01/2018
End Date: 31/12/2021

Determinantes de la estructura epigenomica latente en cáncer colorrectal

Code: MCINN RTI2018-094009-B-100
Principlal Investigator: MA Peinado                                                                             
Start Date: 2019
End Date: 2021

DEEP-GEUS: a new Artificial Intelligence assisted integrative genomic diagnostics system of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Empresa financiadora: Aniling SL /CDTI
Entidades participantes: IGTP, EURECAT, IDIBAPS, MLL, Hoffmann-Eitle
DURACIÓN: 2019-2022

Deciphering the contribution of epigenetic modifiers to muscle cell identity, differentiation and growth

code: BFU2016-80748
PI: Mònica Suelves
Start date:  01/01/2017
End date: 1/12-2020

Impact of cancer cell's genome organization in tumor biology

Asociación Española contra el cáncer (AECC) 2018, BFU2016-80748
Start date: 2018
End date: 2022
Principal Investigator: Núria Seguí





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Es presenta CARE el Programa Translacional de Recerca en Càncer de l’IGTP

CARE, el Programa Translacional de Recerca en Càncer (Translational Program in Cancer Research), és el primer programa transversal promogut per l'Institut de Recerca Germans Trias i Pujol (IGTP), que vol ser nexe d'investigadors del càncer interessats a establir ponts entre la recerca bàsica i la clínica, amb una clara vocació per traslladar al pacient el coneixement i les eines que es generen al laboratori.

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