IGTP Core Facility Seminar Series 2023

Date: Del al

Venue: Mondays, 15.00 | Sala Polivalent, IGTP Mar & Online

A series of seminars aimed at researchers, health care personnel, laboratory technicians, Scientific Platforms personnel and students on the Can Ruti Campus and with the objective of explaining the services available from the IGTP Core facilities. Each session is given by the scientist responsible for the service who will explain the technology currently available and the services planned for 2023.

Mondays, 15.00 | Sala Polivalent, IGTP Mar & Online

27 February

From research to clinical practice: NMR metabolomics, a global bioscreening technology for biomarker research and cardiometabolic disease diagnostics

Núria Amigó, Biosfer Teslab CEO & Co-founder

20 March

Emergency protocol for sensitive equipments (Incubators, Ultrafreezers, Freezers, Fridges) and SIRIUS software management

Eugeni Aragall, Head of Cryobiology Unit

17 April

Updates in the detection and quantification systems based on digital PCR

Mª Pilar Armengol, Head of Translational Genomics Unit

22 May

Access and use of surplus clinical samples

Edurne Pedrosa, Head of IGTP-HUGTiP Biobank Unit

19 June

Basic tasks in fluorescence microscopy image processing

Jakub Chojnacki, Head of Microscopy Unit

25 September

Computational tools for flow cytometric data

Marco Fernández, Head of Cytometry Unit

16 October

Metabolomic approach to bile acids

José María Hernández, Head of Protemics and Metabolomics Unit

20 November

Data science applications to clinical data analysis and bioinformatic integration of omic data

Lauro Sumoy, Head of High Content Genomics and Bioinformatics Unit

18 December

Deep Learning applied to Bioinformatics

Francisco Javier Perez Vicente, Head of High Performance Computing Unit