CMCiB Symposium: 5 years Enabling Pioneering Biomedical Research

Host: Centre de Medicina Comparativa i Bioimatge de Catalunya (CMCiB)

Date and time: | 9 - 14 h

Venue: Museu de la Ciència CosmoCaixa, Barcelona (Auditorium)

CMCiB Symposium: 5 Years Enabling Pioneering Biomedical Research is dedicated to celebrating science and commemorating  biomedical research and technology transfer achievements that have been enabled by CMCiB. The program will feature 15 highly esteemed speakers and showcase the research conducted at CMCiB by IGTP and Can Ruti Campus research community, as well as our scientific partners and collaborators from industry.


This symposium will be conducted in English.

27 June, registration deadline. Limited capacity.

Technical Secretariat: ScienHub.