Introductory course on hematology

Organizer: Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute (IJC)

Open to: Open

Date: From to

Venue: PMPPC Seminar Room, IGTP Edifici Muntanya

Introductory course on hematology

Target audience: The course has been designed to provide biologists an overview about the current approaches in the clinic and will be particular useful for using blood and blood-related samples in their research such us immunity, infectious diseases, and leukemia.

The course is open to all researchers and students.

We are organizing an introductory course on blood diseases. The heads of the units of the hematology department of the HGTP will provide an overview how they apply their expertise in cytology/cell morphology, cytogenetics, cytometry and molecular biology techniques to study blood and bone marrow samples. They will explain how these insights contribute to the diagnosis of blood disorders, with a particular focus on leukemia and lymphoma. In a second part of the course that will be organized later, we will discuss disease entities studied on the Campus Can Ruti in greater detail.

Duration: 4 Sessions of approximately 45-60 mins.
Time: 15:00
Language: English

FEB 13 Introductory course on hematology I - Hematological Cytology (Tomás Navarro)
MAR 27 Introductory course on hematology II - Molecular Biology in the diagnosis, prognosis and follow-up of hematological neoplasias (Lurdes Zamora)
APR 10 Introductory course on hematology III - Flow cytometry in the diagnosis of hematological neoplasia (Jordi Juncà)
APR 24 Introductory course on hematology IV - Cytogenetics (Isabel Granada)

Organized by: Tomás Navarro and Marcus Buschbeck (IJC)

Anybody from outside the IJC wishing to attend is free to do so, please send an email to: comunicació(ELIMINAR) or call Adrià Vidal on 93 557 2811